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Certificate in Sustainable ESG Financial Strategies

Date: 21/4/2021 – 02/06/2021 (Wednesdays)

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Language: English/Cantonese/Mandarin

The rising global concern of ESG and SDGs has greatly impacted current strategies of Listed companies and financial investment. To meet such global stakeholder expectation, there is a need for financial professionals to update related knowledge for both short-term and long-term goals in their career performance.

Course Objectives
Examine the drivers for the global trend for emphasizing Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGS) and ESG reporting in the international capital market.
Analyse material ESG and sustainability issues among companies.
Explain the significance of SDGs and ESG reporting; and its relationship with financial management and strategies.
Evaluate the international and local standards related to ESG reporting by companies.
Examine issues pertinent to carbon assets credit and related financial reporting.
Promote companies to better practice in SDGs & ESG through practical actions and investment in SDG projects.
1. Introduction of Sustainable Development Goals (UN- SDGs) and upgrading ESG Reporting to Sustainability Reporting.
2. Accounting and Financial Impact of Carbon Assets on Listed Companies' rating through ESG and SDGs Reporting.
3. Current Development of Green Bond and ESG investing
4. Carbon Asset Development and Management including application of carbon credits through afforestation (case study), current development of global exchange and trading of carbon credits.
5. Workshop of SDGs and Social Impact Investment, successful investment elements will be analyzed and explain SDGs investment.
(Plastic Recycle & Health Care)
6. How to develop Carbon Assets to Blockchain E-commerce and Carbon Footprint.
Course Fee
Per module: HKD 400/ HKD 320*
Full Course (6 modules): HKD 1,920 / HKD 1,800*
*STARS member or supporting organization member entitled special discount.
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